Raven Avenging coverRaven Avenging

Should a citizen ever take the law into his own hands? When Gunnar “Raven” Ravendal’s beloved niece Kari is lured into sex slavery and murdered, he must choose between law and order and vigilante justice. As Raven moves across the country’s Mafia-controlled terrain, romancing criminal law professor Linda Simone and dodging hot-in-pursuit New York Organized Crime Strike Force detectives Flash Maruska and Henry Grogan, he uses his great strength and hunter’s cunning to stay one step ahead. Set in the late 1970s, when the “Minnesota Pipeline” was first exposed, Raven Avenging is a complex and gripping read exploring a subject still relevant today.

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About Jerry Rice

Jerry Rice is a Harvard educated trial lawyer at Hellmuth & Johnson who has handled and tried a wide variety of cases in courts at all levels throughout the United States since the early 1960s. He is the author of two law-related books and thousands of briefs and memoranda as well as occasional poetry, short stories and memoirs. Raven Avenging is his first novel. He regards himself as a member of our justice system, rather than a businessman. Vindicating the constitutional rights of his clients has given him great satisfaction throughout his career. He is a native of Roseau, MN in the far northwest corner of the state and is an avid outdoorsman and conservationist. He and his wife Pat love world travel and the cultural life of the Twin Cities of Minnesota and Taos, New Mexico.


In the late 70’s the MN attorney general asked me to draft a statute increasing the penalties for sex trafficking. I studied the whole ugly business, interviewing both prosecutors and defense lawyers and law enforcement. There was a great deal of publicity about the “Minnesota Pipeline” and the preference of east coast pimps for blond girls from the upper Midwest. I was personally involved in the disappearance and return of a Minnesota girl. I wrote the first draft of the book back then, but set it aside. The current worsening of these crimes caused me to complete the novel, which is even more relevant today.


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